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Why Blue Tortoise?

 Color has played an important role in our lives throughout history.  Even in ancient cultures it was known that colors can calm or energize, effect mood, and enhance healing.   Each color has its own unique energy.  Blue is a very spiritual color.  It is the color of all- inclusiveness, expansiveness, peace, tranquility, and stillness.  It is the color of the Throat Chakra, which is associated with self reflection and expression, creativity, sense of purpose,  and connection to deeper levels of awareness and existence.

The tortoise is an animal that holds significant meaning to many cultures.  It is commonly depicted as wise, peaceful, patient, deliberate, and loyal, and is often used in creation stories.  In Native American and Hindu mythology for example, the tortoise is said to carry the world or universe on its back.  In yoga, the tortoise symbolizes self reflection, introspection, and the "inward journey."

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