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Welcome back! We are so excited to have you back in the studio and practicing in person.  We have all had to make adjustments in the way we do things over the last few months, and of course the studio is no exception.  Here are a few changes and safe practices we will have in place going forward. 


*We will of course have to limit the number of people in each class and practice proper distancing. Classes will be limited to 8 people.  Before the shutdown it was not required for anyone to sign up before coming to class.  Going forward we ask that you please sign up so that we can keep track of open spots.  This can be done on our website or on the Wellness Living app.

*Know that we are taking every measure to maintain the safest environment for you to practice.  That being said, there is still a level of risk in any group activity.  If you have regular contact with anyone who is considered High Risk, or if you are considered High Risk yourself, please be particularly cautious. 


* Classes are now spaced at least 30 minutes apart to allow us time to clean.  Mats, props, door handles, counters, floors, cubbies, and bathrooms will all be cleaned between classes.  


*Please use the hand sanitizer as you enter the studio, or wash your hands in the bathroom.

*It is recommended that you take your temperature at home before coming to practice.  Your temperature will be taken when you arrive at the studio.  Anyone with a temperature above 99.6 will be asked to skip practice.  If you have had a fever at home we ask that you not come to the studio until 48 after the fever subsides. 

*Please wear a mask at all times while in the studio.  Pay close attention to your breath and modify your practice as needed.  I know the mask can be uncomfortable at times, but it is a small thing we can do to insure that we are being as safe as possible.  

*Bringing your own mat and props is highly recommended, but we will still have them at the studio.  Cleaning supplies will be available.

*Please do not come to class if you have not been feeling well.  If you have had contact with someone who is COVID + please refrain from coming to class for 14 days after your exposure. 





Many people feel intimidated the first time they decide to walk into a yoga studio.  Please don't be!  Yoga is not a competition.  It is not about being able to bend backward or stand on your head.  You work with yourself, as you are.  Just as life is not about the destination but the journey, yoga is not about how far into a pose you can go, but rather what you are feeling in your expression of the pose. There are modifications for just about every pose.  Here are some tips you might find helpful:


*It is ideal to show up for class about 10 minutes early, especially on your first visit.  This will give you time to situate, relax, sign any necessary forms, ect.  Having a few minutes to adjust from your day is very beneficial.  Please make sure your cell phone is muted. You'd be suprised how loud a phone can be on vibrate!

* Try not to eat a heavy meal the few hours before class.  Practicing with a full stomach is not very comfortable.

*Wear comfortable clothes that do not restrict your movement. It is also best not to wear jewelry that might get in your way. Socks are not recommended as your grip on the mat will be much better without them.   


*You are welcome to bring your own mat, or we have plenty that may be borrowed for class (No charge).

*We will have blocks and other props available for use.


*You are welcome to bring a water bottle.

*Please let us know if it is your first visit so that you can fill out the New Student form and Liability Waiver. 

*Always listen to your body over the instructor.  We will always offer modifications for poses, so if something does not feel good to you please don't do it.  Only you know what you are feeling!

*Class often closes with the instructor saying "Namaste", and the class repeating it back.  There are many ways that Namaste is translated, but essentially it translates to "I honor you."

*Enjoy yourself! This is a place to unwind, relax, heal, and grow. 

We look forward to seeing you!

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