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Wake Up Yoga

Start your day off right with this all levels class.  Slightly shorter than our standard classes, this is an hour of stretching, postures, and relaxation.

All Levels Yoga

All levels welcome.  In this class we tend to hold the postures longer so that you can really settle in and breath.  Expect a nice balance of challenge and relaxation.

Stretch & Restore

A relaxing hour with a blend of deep stretches and restorative poses.  All levels are welcome.  This is a great way to unwind and de-stress.

Vinyasa Yoga

Faster paced (but not too fast) and more physically challenging, this class will get you moving! It is helpful to be fairly familiar with the postures, so if you are brand new to yoga, you may want to attend a few All Levels classes first.  This class is great for building strength and stamina.

Stretch & Meditate

Thirty minutes of stretches followed by thirty minutes of meditation.  Learn about different meditation and breathing techniques. 

Gentle Yoga

All levels welcome, this is a great combination of stretches and poses.  Slow down, take a break, relax.

Beginners Yoga

This class is designed specifically for those who are brand new to yoga, though all levels are welcome.  If you are just starting, this class will help you become more familiar with class structure, poses, modifications, ect.  If you are already familiar with yoga, it's a great opportunity to deepen your practice and slow down a bit!

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